What’s New in Excel 2016

Get a taste of the exciting new and improved business reporting features. This short interactive Microsoft® Excel® course gives you hands-on experience with impressive charts to help you enrich your reports, new functions, enhanced PivotTable functionality such as automatic time grouping, one-click forecasting capabilities, and your new secret weapon, the handy “Tell Me” text box. This one’s on us – just another way Sage Intelligence is helping you work smarter.

What's covered:

  • Ask Excel:  Find out how to help Excel help you with two great new tools, the Tell Me text box and Smart Lookup.
  • Back to the Future:  Pack away your crystal ball and flying carpet and come discover Forecast Sheets for generating data forecasts. Then there's 3D Map, Excel’s fantastic newly integrated data visualization tool.
  • Charting New Territory:  Choosing the right chart for the job is crucial, so come explore two of the new chart types that have been added.  
  • Fresh Functions:  We introduce you to two exciting new functions, TEXTJOIN and IFS.
  • Powerful PivotTables:  Take a whirl through the enhancements made to PivotTables and PivotCharts.

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