Sage 300 2017 Intelligence Reporting – Certification Bundle (7 Courses)

Get CERTIFIED in Sage Intelligence Reporting for Sage 300. This comprehensive bundle is a package of all the Sage Intelligence Reporting courses, to provide you with the skills you need to become a Sage Intelligence expert. Note that this certification is applicable to Sage 300 2017 Intelligence Reporting only.

This package starts with the Excel on Steroids courses, with easy tutorials to make you an Excel guru.
Then move onto the Sage Intelligence Reporting courses, from Beginners all the way through to Advanced, providing you with expert knowledge of the entire product, with courses that are geared specifically to Sage 300.

Assessments check your skills throughout, to ensure that you’re progressing at a comfortable rate before moving forward.

A must for Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting Business Partners as this course provides you with all the knowledge you need on Sage Intelligence to give your customers the advice and support they need – making you their trusted advisor.

The bundle includes the following courses:

Excel on Steroids 2013 Course Bundle
Excel on Steroids is a specialised course providing in-depth coverage of key Microsoft Excel functionality relevant to business reporting. If you use Excel for financial or operational reporting, this course will help you take full advantage of the powerful reporting and analysis capabilities of Excel.

Sage Intelligence Reporting – Beginner Course
This course is designed for you if you are new to Sage Intelligence Reporting and have a good understanding of Excel. You will get a comprehensive overview of Sage Intelligence and the basic functions of the Report Manager module, including organising reports, how to create reports, how to save formatting changes, how to create union reports and how to summarise or group data in a report.

Sage Intelligence Reporting – Intermediate Course
Time to take your reporting to the next level? This course is designed for you if you have a basic working knowledge of the Report Manager and want to fully utilize its capabilities. Create dashboards, protect your Excel workbook, use add-ins, schedule a report, export and import reports, distribute reports and allow report templates to be accessed by multiple people. We will also share our best practice reporting guidelines with you.

Sage Intelligence Reporting – Advanced Course
Ready to start consolidating data and customising reports? This course is designed for you if you are familiar with the Report Manager, have a basic understanding of databases and would like to be able to fully customise the way data is being extracted from data sources. Create connectivity to a data source, create containers for multiple tables, customise data fields, use variables as fields and connect to multiple companies. We will also share additional best practice guidelines for efficient and flexible reporting.

Sage 300 2017 Intelligence Reporting – Financial Report Design Course
You now have a good understanding of Sage Intelligence and would like to start creating and customising your financial reports to suit your unique requirements. Design reports using the Layout Generator and the Task Pane in the Report Designer.


  • Putting control of your reporting into your hands
  • Empowering you to create and save customised Sage Intelligence reports to suit your client’s unique needs
  • Enabling you to provide your clients with valuable insights into their business to help them make better, more informed decisions

Extra Value-adds

  • Comprehensive tutorial manuals (PDF)
  • Exercise manuals (PDF)
  • A post-assessment after each course to assess your new Sage Intelligence skills
  • 3 months e-mail support