Sage Pastel Intelligence Reporting - Super User Bundle (3 Courses)

Sage Intelligence is a Microsoft Excel based reporting tool that pulls data from Sage Pastel and delivers it in an Excel format that is easy to understand and manipulate, putting you in control of the design of your reports. This online course gives you a comprehensive overview of your Sage Pastel Intelligence Reporting tool. Note that it is applicable to Sage Pastel version 14 Intelligence Reporting onward.

Sage Intelligence is a Microsoft Excel based reporting tool that pulls data from Sage Pastel and delivers it in an Excel format that is easy to understand and manipulate, putting you in control of the design of your reports. 


Sage Intelligence Reporting - Beginner Course

New to Sage Intelligence? This course is designed for you if you are new to Sage Intelligence Reporting and have a basic understanding of Excel. You will get a comprehensive overview of Sage Intelligence and the basic functions of the Report Manager module, including organizing reports, how to create reports, how to save formatting changes, how to create union reports, and how to summarize or group data in a Report.

Course Pre-requisites: A basic understanding of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft
Windows is required.

What is covered?

  • How Sage Intelligence Reporting fulfils Business Intelligence needs
  • Overview and purpose of each module
  • Navigating within the Report Manager
  • Types of Sage Intelligence reports
  • Organizing your reports
  • Creating a standard report
  • Saving formatting changes in existing reports
  • Creating a report that includes data from multiple reports
  • Running multiple reports
  • Summarizing or grouping data in a report


Sage Intelligence Reporting – Intermediate Course
Time to take your reporting to the next level? This course is designed for you if you have a basic working knowledge of the Report Manager and want to fully utilize its capabilities. Create dashboards, protect your Excel workbook, use add-ins, schedule a report, export and import reports, distribute reports and allow report templates to be accessed by multiple people. We will also share our best practice reporting guidelines with you.

Course Pre-requisites

  • A basic understanding of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Windows
  • A basic working knowledge of the Sage Intelligence Report Manager

What is covered?

  • Understanding the Excel workbook created when running reports
  • Creating a single page dashboard view of your most important information
  • Protecting the Excel report from being edited
  • Hiding or discarding insignificant rows in a report template
  • Copying an Excel formula to new rows
  • Scheduling a report to run
  • Copying report templates to/from other Sage Intelligence users
  • Allowing report templates to be accessed by multiple users
  • Sending reports to others (Managing, Adding, Editing and automating Distribution)
  • Best Practices when using Sage Intelligence


Sage Pastel Intelligence Reporting – Financial report design course
You now have good knowledge of Sage Intelligence and would like to start creating and customizing your financial reports to suit your unique requirements. The Financial report design course will show you how to design reports using the Layout Generator and the Task Pane in the Report Designer.

Course Pre-requisites

  • An intermediate understanding of Microsoft Excel including creating formulas is required
  • Completion of the Sage Intelligence Beginners, Intermediate courses are highly recommended
  • Financial Statement accounting knowledge is required

What is covered?

  • An introduction to the Report Designer and the various methods used to create financial reports
  • An introduction to the Layout Generator and how to use it to design a report
  • The process and method of creating a new layout using the Layout Generator
  • An introduction to the Task Pane and the process to create financial statements
  • The steps to design financial layouts
  • An introduction to consolidated connections and how to link them to containers
  • An introduction to Reporting Trees and the management thereof


  • Putting control of your reporting into your hands
  • Empowering you to create and save customised Sage Intelligence reports to suit your client’s unique needs
  • Enabling you to provide your clients with valuable insights into their business to help them make better informed decisions

Extra value-adds

  • Comprehensive tutorial manuals (PDF)
  • Exercise manuals (PDF)
  • A post-assessment after each course to assess your new Sage Intelligence skills 
  • 3 months e-mail support
  • Weekly Sage Intelligence Tips and Tricks

It is important to note that the Advanced course is only suitable if you are going to be working with the Connector module.

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