PowerPivot & PowerView in Excel 2013

Put a new spin on your business reporting with PowerPivot and PowerView, business intelligence add-ins for Excel. In this interactive five-lesson course, you’ll get hands-on experience importing millions of rows of data into Microsoft® Excel® PowerPivot at the click of a button, modeling and analyzing your data, and then visualizing your model in an interactive PowerView dashboard.

Take your business data to a new level with Microsoft® PowerPivot® and PowerView®, business intelligence add-ins for Excel® 2013. In this interactive five-lesson course, we'll show you how to transform millions of rows of data into meaningful data models, and create relationships between data tables to strengthen your models. You’ll get hands-on experience analyzing your data with DAX, the formula language you use in PowerPivot to perform calculations on your data models, and bring it all together by visualizing your models in interactive PowerView dashboards that can be refreshed directly from your data sources.

If you are already using Sage Intelligence, you may feel that this is similar to what you can do with your reporting solution. However, the real sweet spot for Sage Intelligence is the ability it gives you to easily create and edit financial reports, making use of the intuitive Financial Report Designer, as well as having your reports centrally stored in the Report Manager.

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